Aroham Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Step By Step

Effective & Efficient Design & Development Process


We at Aroham Technologies Pvt. Ltd. believe only in the best, hence, quality is given the top most priority. Our talented professionals who have hands on experience in handling different projects ensure that they thoroughly understand the requirements of the clients. Once the work of the client is properly understood, a plan is devised in consultation with the client to ensure quality results. This is one of the reasons why Aroham Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the most sought out web solutions company by clients all across the globe. It is infact, a one stop solution to all your web requirements. We are strict with regards to the commitments that we make and stick to the deadlines specify for the jobs. There are absolutely no fake statements as well as there isn't any faux promote. Below is a representation of our general guidelines for the average custom project.

Questionnaire and Consultation Phase

On receiving a query from a client, we try to understand them thoroughly then list of questions and doubt will be sent to you to find out more appropriate requirements and preferences. This helps our web design & development team a foundation to start methodology on the bases of requirements and preferences. For this, we ensure that sufficient time is given by our talented professionals along with our clients to determine a solution for the queries. In addition we will answer any questions you might have about the design & Development of your website.

Designing Phase

As soon we gather all information from Questionnaire and Consultation Phase, our team will start designing the sample layouts for your website. We will email you 2 to 3 mock-ups for review or it’s depend on your web designing plan. We request a detailed feedback on the design samples as it helps us in revising them to better meet your preferences asap. Based on your suggestions and feedback on these initial drafts, we will send you revisions. We offer unlimited revisions for our clients.

Designing Approval Phase

As soon we completed Designing Phase after you are satisfied with a design and would like to go ahead with it, we will require you to provide us a written aprroval via email.

Development Phase

Once we completed Designing Approval Phase and receive your written approval of the finalization of design, we will start the development process. This process entails optimizing your artwork, creating custom graphics, putting the layout into HTML and integrating the code and images. We will regularly keep uploading the work-in-progress to a specific URL on our servers and you can access it anytime.

Testing Phase

Once Development Phase is complete, we will move Testing Phase on our servers and test it. First we do moduler testing at the time of development and after complete project we test aggregate project. On this phase we also apply White box testing and black box testing both at once. You will also have access to view and test all parts of the website and based on your comments, appropriate minor adjustments will be made.

Completion Phase

Your files will be handed over to you according to the delivery format you choose. We will also send you a small feedback form to fill.


The design and development process is largely dependent upon you as we'll rely on your initial information, feedback, and continued communication to help your web site reach it's full potential. Under most circumstances, our team can finish till the "Approval" Phase within two weeks. Development and Project Completion take anywhere from one week to a month depending on the number of pages involved. But we can assure you that your web site will be up and running on given timeframe. We are strict with regards to the commitments that we make and stick to the deadlines specify for the jobs. There are absolutely no fake statements as well as there isn't any faux promote.

Payment Policy

We receive 40% of your estimated total as a deposit prior to beginning work and balance in two equal installments. We accept PAYPAL for small payments below USD 500 and for bigger payments we accept Wire Transfers/Western Union/ The final payment is due immediately upon completion of the project and before the completed work is handed over to you.

Work Guarantee

We completely guarantee our design work. After viewing the initial design draft(s), if you are not satisfied and wish to discontinue work on the site, we will refund 100% of your deposit. If you decide to continue to work with us, we offer you revisions according to the package purchased. We assure you that we will provide 12 months of technical support for removing bugs/errors found in programming works.

To Know more about our Website Design & Development services please contact us or book a time slot for free counsultation and we will give you the complete solutions for quality Website Design & Development services.