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Effective & Efficient Developmet Processes


We at Aroham Technologies Pvt. Ltd. believe only in the best, hence, quality is given the top most priority. Our expert professional operates within an planned approach with regard to understanding certain requirements of the client, regarding doing this, an effective approch in development of the project is adopted for the purpose of concluding at most effective results. A few steps can be excluded or even included upon the basis of requirement of the project however majorly the following life cycle is definitely followed step wise.

The particular distinct attribute in our software development model is definitely "close as well as absolutely consistent interaction together with the client". We want to provide software solution our client using the most effective, as a result, tight conversation along with client assist our professional to clearly state requirements, evaluate prototypes and mana probable modifications. Aroham Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is accountable to execution of projects at most affordable cost attempting to keep the actual requirements associated with high quality.

We follow any of the following two methodologies depending on requirement of project.

Waterfall model

The waterfall model is a popular version of the SDLC model for software development. It is called as such because the model develops systematically from one phase to other in a downward fashion, like a waterfall.

The most probable phases through which it progresses downwards are

  • Definition Study/Analysis
  • Basic Design
  • Technical Design/Detailed Design
  • Construction
  • Testing
  • Integration
  • Management and Maintenance
Agile software development

The agile process is an iterative process that breaks complex work down into short iterations. Before an iteration begins, the development team collaborates with the customer to develop a backlog of stories that will address the needs of the customer. It's kind of like a to-do list for the project. We are an active software development team that uses agile practices on a daily basis. Agile practices permeate every aspect of our work, from software development to project management. Delivery of working software on a regular basis, customer collaboration, responding to change, and enabling and embracing the interactions of individuals on a project team.

A key method of Agile development is division of project into minor stages.

  • Each of this stage depicts a specific part of functionality.
  • Each stage is allocated separate budget and time.
  • Project owner set the priorities for these stages.

Some other key features of Agile development are:

  • Self-organization, motivation as well as cross functional teams are essential aspects. Roles as well as responsibilities are decided after which this particular structure is defined.
  • Functional software is actually introduced to client regarding more desirable understanding rather than a document demonstration.
  • Virtually all Agile implementations work with a schedule face-to-face communication amongst team members for productive performance. In short sessions on occasional basis, what exactly are these people executing, exactly where are they right now as well as which kind of difficulties are they experiencing and so on.
  • Agile permits routine collection of specifications rather than acquiring just about all at the beginning. This permits consistent and high quality development of the project depending on less and thorough step wise information.
  • In addition, certain methods and techniques such as continuous integration, automated testing, pair programming, test driven development, design patterns, domain-driven design, code refactoring are utilized to enhance excellent quality and project dexterity.

Aroham Technologies Pvt. Ltd. professionals understand certain requirements associated with project. Efficient software presentation, effective communication , routine training sessions and experience of our employees assists us generate an output that accurately matches your preferences. Furthermore, we're providing most affordable solutions available in the market depending on Agile development process.

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